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"I'm asking you to marry me, idiot!"


So flamingo and I were talking about marly-b's super cute pic of Lon’qu and Laurent and it reminded us of birds soooo.


Lon’zu and Laurent ~


Hi! I just wanted to say I really love this blog, and Lon'qu x Miriel is one of my favorite pairings. It's great to have all the fanart of them gathered in one place so I don't have to go an epic journey all over the internet to find it XD (also thanks for reblogging my art!)

Hello! Thanks for the compliment! I’m really glad you found this blog, AND found it to be to your liking. Having all the fan works available in one convenient place was definitely one of my motivations for starting the blog in the first place, so I’m happy it’s paying off for others too! :D

(And you’re welcome! I love your style!)



"D-don’t stand so close…"

hAHA i finished it


Since I might not get this done for quite a while I’ll post the WIP here…

there’s not enough art of these two
there’s not enough art of any of my favorite pairings
*sighs* fine. FINE. i will fix this lack of arts. it’s not like I don’t have enough to do already
lol jk but really though
someone fix this


pretend there’s some kind of rare bug in that box

i wanted to draw the bug nerd and his nerd son collecting bugs so… this happened (i have a drawing of Lon’qu and Miriel planned out as well heehee)


…Welp. I stumbled upon the “school days” manga creator game/generator series by Rinmaru and wasted no time in creating an entire set of images for a “high school” Fire Emblem: Awakening AU featuring Lon’qu/Miriel. (Gaius tried to worm his way in there, too… and look, BFF!Cherche~) …Yeah, I pretty much gave up sleep tonight to make these. And OH MY GOD, were these totally worth it.

If you want to try it out yourself, you can create the first “page” here.

This blog has 70 followers.


You people are seriously unreal.


(Also, I apologize for the lack of new content, or, specifically, the decrease in flow of it. I work with what the internet gives me, and at the moment it is lacking. Please bear with me in the coming days~)

Gahsfgiflgigdcsguk everything about your blog makes me so happy I love this pairing dear Naga keep on keeping on you beautiful person.

*flails* You’re too kind~


You are VERY welcome and I’m incredibly happy you came upon this blog and found it to be a source of joy for you. It’s people like you I was hoping to appeal to, and here you are! :D

Thank you for your kind words. I’ll see you around more, I hope! <3